Microsoft Work Account w/ DNS

20 June 2019

When you log into Microsoft Account, it gives you 2 options either log in as work account or log in as personal.

When we try to log in as work account, it failed numores time, and we don't know why it's been failing until we got a call with Microsft for few hours.

At the end, you needed that.


So after those, we try to reach out our IT master AL

JS : AL, can you give us access to domain account? We need to take care of this issue. If you are too busy, just give us credential, we can also get help from AA

AL : This is ridiculous, Why always in last min thing! I don't knwo what account has log in..

JS: You mean this is ridiculous that you don't know which account? I agree!

AL : .....

And our Hero AL took care of it in 5 min.

I guess it make sense that Microsoft want you to owner of domain, so you can use your domain account log in, instead of using

Great idea, but they just need to make it clear and easier to understand it.