Korean age start with One

21 June 2019

AA, our famous director of development, start to ask question why Korean age start with one!

I believe Korean has Very interesting concept.

Koreans start to count the age when she/he is conceived in mother's womb.
So techinically, start with 9 months, but they did a nice round up. So once you are born, boom.. you are one year old.
Then math gets even more interesting.
Part of the Korean culture involves being very mindful people age. There is a stigma that gives people who are even 1 year older a sort of seniority.

To discourage monthly age discrimiation among classmates, you are considered 1 year older at the start of each new year.

Then they cheat.
People born in Jan & Feb, have a tendency to upgraded their age to previous year (since they're birthday month falls so close to end of previous year). LOL

In Korean, until you go to college, 1 year age difference becomes a huge deal.
They strongly define seniority base on that.

So age is very important, so they focus more on age than other countries.
And maybe AA is right, saying that it's over complicated.

Now, as we all get older, we try to be a year younger as much as we can.
What a life~